The Queen’s Award: A Royal Seal of Approval

The Queen's Award

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is one of the highest accolades for business success in the UK and Dartington Crystal are honoured to handmake such a coveted trophy.

We were delighted to win the contract again after submitting a suggestion for a new-look, contemporary award, which moved away from the previous traditional cut glass bowl. An award which holds such presence and prestige deserves a look of grandeur and our Head Designer, Hilary Green, used this vision to develop a concept that reflected this.

The concept and design

Hilary opted for a transparent ink blue crystal to complement the rich blue that represents the Queen’s Award corporate identity. The deep bowl is designed to be robust and sturdy while maintaining a look of elegance. The walls taper inwards to best present the engraved emblem and text to the viewer. Each piece is finished with a solid clear crystal pedestal base for stability, making the award easy to hold during photo opportunities and presentations.

How the award is made

  • The item is hand-made from 24% lead, mouth-blown crystal at our factory in North Devon using a method called colour casing to give the glass that deep blue hue. The ink blue crystal is made using a recipe developed by our own glass technician and features cobalt as a key ingredient.
  • A small amount of ink blue crystal is gathered from the furnace to form the initial bubble at the end of the blowing pipe. This is cooled enough to keep its form while a thick layer of clear crystal is gathered over the top. By colouring just the inside skin the award appears gently transparent. The large double layered molten glass bubble is then blown into the graphite mould to shape the deep trophy bowl.
  • Such a beautifully crafted piece needs only a little decoration to complete the design. The Queen’s Award emblem and the award category are added using a hand-applied stencil which is then etched with fine sand. The etched finish on the surface is then filled with hand-applied gilding.
  • Finally, the award is packaged in a silk-lined presentation box to perfectly frame the piece.
The Queen's Award

About the Queen’s Award

The prestigious Queen’s Award has been running in various forms since 1966, its credibility having hugely increased making it of significant importance to businesses. The award is presented to selected UK companies for their outstanding achievement in four categories:

  • International Trade
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable Development
  • Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility).

Recipients are recommended by the Prime Minister before being approved by the Queen.

This royal seal of approval allows businesses to fly the Queen’s Award flag at their premises and use their emblem throughout their marketing, helping them to increase their commercial value and gain worldwide recognition.

Winners are usually announced in April and invited to attend a royal reception. The commemorative crystal award and a Grant of Appointment are later presented at the winners’ premises by one of The Queen’s representatives, a Lord-Lieutenant.

We are delighted to share with you a small selection of the 2018 winners: Turnstyle Designs, Commercial, Celtic and Co, Littlepod, Reincubate,  Cheeky Chompers and The Tall Group

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