5 Reasons to send Corporate Gifts to clients

5 Reasons to send Corporate Gifts to clients

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Whether on a personal or professional level, the giving and receiving of a gift strengthens relationships and, in business, relationships are paramount to success. 

Our Corporate Sales Manager, Lydia Fallaize, talks about how the giving of corporate gifts can form part of your sales and marketing strategy.

Brand reinforcement

Most corporate gifting services have the ability to customise products with your logo. When a client receives something that makes them smile, it will reinforce your branding identity, putting you at the forefront of their mind.

Brings clients closer

Is there the issue of your geographical location in comparison to your client? Bridge that gap and remind them that the distance bears no impact on your working relationship.

Nurtures relationships

As we have already said, relationships play a big part in business success. There are many ways to use corporate gifts in order to maintain and nurture ‘working friendships’. Why not welcome a new customer on board or show your appreciation to a long-standing customer? If you have recently completed a one-off project, a gift can be a token of gratitude that could lead to repeat business or referrals.

Sets you apart from the competition

It is a competitive world out there and you as a business will know the importance of striving to stand out. You may not be the only business that your client works closely with so corporate gifting is the perfect way to gain the upper hand over your competitors. Likewise, if you are trying to keep prospective leads interested a gift might be the reminder they need to convert.

An element of your marketing strategy

Wondering where corporate gifting fits into your budget? Look at it as another element of your marketing plan. Whether you have the chance to tap into a new audience or you are sharing a simple ‘thank you’ for becoming a working partner, any extra brand visibility is a marketing opportunity.

Do you have a question for Lydia? If you would like advice on choosing a corporate gift or would like to find out more about Dartington Crystal’s corporate gifts, drop Lydia an email at lfallaize@dartington.co.uk

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